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Biodiversity & Conservation


  • Use one of the databases below when you are trying to identify articles on your topic.
  • To improve your database search results try using the truncation symbol. Truncation symbols vary by database, but the usual suspects are an asterisk * exclamation mark ! or a pound # sign. Click here for an explanation on the EBSCO databases.
  • A great way to see what the latest research is in any subject area is to select a journal (online of course, using the Journal Search feature at the top of the window, and then browsing the table of contents.

To find a specific journal use the Journal Search feature in OneSearch. 

Article Databases

Finding the actual article

Many of the databases will only provide you with a citation. To retrieve the full text of an article from within most databases, use the
Find It @SacState link,  which can usually be found at the end of a database record summary.

Where's my Article-- When using Google Scholar

How To.....