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Asian Politics


This guide will help you find information about Asian politics.  Click the tabs above to find online and print resources.

If you need additional help with your research, I'm available for consultations. Just email or call me.

Hong Wang

Library Room 2002
Phone: 916-278-6373

Referenc Books

Encyclopedia of modern Asia ref DS 4 .L48 2002 
    The Asian political dictionary
DS 31 .Z57 1985 
    Regional outlook. Southeast Asia
ref DS 520 .R44 (1992-2002)
    Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia DS 524 .S68 2004
    East Asia and the United States : an encyclopedia of relations since 1784
DS 518.8 .E22 2002
    The United States in Asia : a historical dictionary 
ref DS 33.4 .U6 S46 1990 
    World geographical encyclopedia G 63 .E5213 1995 (V. 3)

References of selected countries

    Encyclopaedia of Indian events and dates DS 433 .B49 1986     
     Historical dictionary of Sri Lanka
  ref DS 489.5 .S33 1998 
    Historical dictionary of Cambodia ref DS 554.25 .C67 2003 
    Historical dictionary of Vietnam ref DS 556.25 .D85 1998 
    Historical and cultural dictionary of Thailand ref DS 563 .S56
    Historical dictionary of Singapore ref DS 610.4 .M85 1991 
    Indonesia comprehensive overview year book  ref DS 611 .I5225 
    Historical dictionary of Indonesia  ref DS 633 .C75 1992 
    Historical and cultural dictionary of the Philippines ref DS 654 .M27 
    The Cambridge encyclopedia of Japan ref DS 805 .C36 1993
    Kodansha encyclopedia of Japan ref DS 805 .K633 1983 (10 volumes)
     Dictionary of the political thought of the People's Republic of China
ref JQ 1501 .A25 H4 2001 
    A dictionary of official titles in imperial China
JQ 1512 .Z13 T53 1985 
    Modern China : a chronology from 1842 to the present ref DS 755 .M2 1982 
    A chronology of the People's Republic of China from October 1,1949.
ef DS 777.55 .C44567 
    Chronology of the People's Republic of China, 1970-1979 
         ref DS 777.55 .C445669 1986 
    Korean communism, 1945-1980 : a reference guide to the political system
        JQ 1729.5 .A3 1981 S83


The following electronic databases index articles in newspapers, magazines and journals, many of which are full-text. They are available from the Library Homepage by selecting Databases and  Periodical Indexes. These databases are accessible from library research stations and campus computer labs. For connecting to library databases from off-campus, please read instructions here .                                                             

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)                 Country Reports   
Social Sciences Full Text (Wilson)                       Historical Abstracts (EBSCO)
WestlawNext Campus Research                                Dissertations and Theses        
Project Muse: Scholarly Journals Online               Proquest Newspapers (ProQuest)  


     Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations (Vol. 6) ref. G 63 .W67 2001
     Founders of modern nations : a biographical dictionary
ref D 226.7 .H36 1995
     Heads of state and government
ref JF 37 .D3 2000
     Who's who in world politics : from 1860 to the present day 
ref. D 21.3 .P35 1996
     The International year book and statesmen's who's who   
ref JF 37 .I5 (1953-1996)

     Who's who in the People's Republic of China
ref DS 778 .A1 B33
      Biographic dictionary of Chinese communism, 1921-1965  ref DS 778 .A1 K55 1971 (2 volumes)

OneSearch/Library Catalog

  Onesearch in the Library Homepage lists books, master’s theses, government documents, media, etc. that the library owns on all subjects. It also lists which periodicals the library owns by the name of the periodical. These materials can be searched by author, title, subject, or keyword. The advanced keyword search  helps you limit your search by material type, location, language, and year of publication, etc. 

Subject terms
         The Library of Congress Subject Headings lists specific subject terms to use in EUREKA.The following is a list of some subject terms useful in searching Asian politics.
         Asia Politics                         Asia Politics And Government      
         Asia Social Conditions      Asia Relations China (or Japan, Europe, etc.)
         Asia Social Sciences         Asia Study And Teaching
         Asia Central                         Asia Foreign Relations China (or Japan, Europe, etc.)
         East Asia                              South Asia
         Southeast Asia                   country name


Print sources

        Print Indexes
           Periodicals are located in Floor 3 South, shelved alphabetically by title. Volumes published prior to 1980 are shelved on Lower Level. Current newspapers are in 3 South Newsprint until replaced by microfilm in Library Media Center on Floor 1. The following are the major printed indexes to periodical articles.

        CSA political science & governmen t (ABC Pol Sci.). Index Area JA 71 .A214 
        PAIS international in print. Index Area HZ 7163 .P94 
        Social Sciences Index. Index Area AI 3 .R494
        Social Sciences Citation Index. Index Area HZ7161.S62
        Peace Research Abstracts Journal. ref JX 1901 .P38

Print Journals
      The following is a list of selected print journals available in the library.

       Asian affairs, an American review (v. 23(1996/97)- )
       Bulletin of concerned Asian scholars (v.3(1971)-v.32(2000))
       Critical Asian studies  (v.33(2001)- )
       Harvard journal of Asiatic studies ( v. 1(1936)- )
       Japan close-up (Current two years only)
       Journal of contemporary Asia (v.5(1975)-v.34(2004))
       Modern Asian studies (v.1(1967)-  )

Country Information

     Political risk yearbook JX 1252 .P65 2001 Vol. 6 and Vol. 7.
     Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
(Vol. 5) ref G 63 .W67 2001
     Culturgrams: the Nations Around Us. ref GT 150 .C85 2000
     Countries of the World. ref D 848 .C6 (1980-94)      
Portals to the World


Selected legal documents of the People's Republic of China  ref JQ 1500 .A3 S4 (2 volumes)
The MAGIC diplomatic summaries : a chronological finding aid   ref DZ 6207 .W8 C6 1982
 A Subject and name index to the MAGIC documents : summaries and transcripts of the top-secret diplomatic communications of  Japan, 1938-1945  ref D 754 .J3 M333
The MAGIC documents : summaries and transcripts of the top secret diplomatic communications of Japan, 1938-1945  Microfilm 000405    Pol Pot plans the future : confidential leadership documents from Democratic Kampuchea, 1976-1977  JQ 939 .A8 P37 1988
Lyndon B. Johnson's Vietnam papers : a documentary collection  ref DS 557.4 .J64 1997
Vietnam, a history in documents  ref  DS 556.8 .V532 1981
Soviet South Asian relations, 1947-1978   ref  DS 341.3 .R9 S68 1979
Burma: Japanese military administration, selected documents, 1941-1945  ref  D 802 .B8 T7
The British papers : secret and confidential, India, Pakistan,
Bangladesh documents 1958-1969
  ref  DS 480.84 .B695 2002
GPO Access *free to public (Official federal government information)
GPO Monthly Catalog  (Records on all subjects of interest to the U.S. government.)


Asia-Pacific in figures  ref HA 4551 .A853 1999
International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania,1750-1988  ref HA 4675 .M55 1995
International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania, 1750-1993  ref HA 4675 .M552 1998 
International historical statistics : Africa, Asia & Oceania,1750-2000   ref HA 4675 .M552 2003
Statistical yearbook for Asia and the Far East   ref HC 411 .U5 (1968-1970
Statistical yearbook for Asia and the Pacific    ref HC 411 .U5 (
1984, 1994, 1999-2000
Japan statistical year-book ref HA 1832 .J36 (1951, 1960-1970, 1983, 2001
China statistical abstract  ref HA 4631 .C43 (1988-1990)