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Finding Review Articles

Debbie Metzger

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Debbie Metzger
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Purpose of Review Articles

Review articles summarize current research on a subject and so offer a good starting point for your research. We have a number of these publications, in both print and electronic format.

Review articles can be very valuable for a number of reasons:

  • finding a topic for a paper
  • getting a broad overview of a new field
  • learning the language used in a discipline
  • learning who are the leading researchers in a discipline
  • have a comprehensive bibliography that can be used to find sources

See tabs for information for tips about looking them up in specific databases. If the database you are interested in is not listed here, contact a librarian for details about finding review articles.

How To Limit To Review Articles

In most databases, you can limit your search to include only review articles (also known as literature reviews). There are 2 ways to accomplish this:

  • Run your search as usual and then look for a way to modify your results to limit it to review articles.  Precisely how it is done will vary with database, but often you will find the column on the left will provide that option.
  • As part of your search strategy, look for boxes or drop-down menus that allow you to limit to review articles before you run the search.  Typically you will see words like: Methodology, Document Type, Article Type
  • Run your search as usual, using the keyword  "review" as one of your search terms.

For examples from specific databases, use the tabs above.