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Nature Writing in American Literature: Seminal and Noteworthy Books of Nonfiction


Below are two bibliographies of nature writing.  Annotations attempt to convey the literary strengths of these books and to illustrate how certain literary styles and choices represent nature, and our relationship with nature, in unique ways.  Their effectiveness in reconceptualizing our view of the natural world is one significant reason these books remain so important in the tradition of nature writing.  An argument can be made that these books have influenced the development and direction of the genre.

The books selected for these bibliographies are monographs, whole works, rather than anthologies.  Forms of writing represented include diaries and memoirs, travel writing, personal essays, and literary journalism.   Dates of publication range from the late colonial period to the present.

If you wish to see if the CSUS University Library has a particular book, go to OneSearch and do either a title search for the book or an author search by typing the author's last name first followed by the first name.  Narrow your search to Library Catalog.

These bibliographies were created and compiled  by Maria Kochis. They were first published in this LibGuide in 4/13.

Works Consulted

Below is a list of the sources consulted to comprise these bibliographies.