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Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students Series

A series of short videos with tips on how to study, manage your time, take notes, and more! There is also a handy guide on what your University Library offers.

Emily Merrifield

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Emily Merrifield
Office: Library 3032


The transition from high school to college is a lot bigger than many students realize. Help make the most of your college academic experience with Academic Success—a six-part series filled with facts, hints, insights, and observations from experts in the field of education and from students who know the ropes.

Topics include:

  • values and goals
  • time management
  • critical thinking and problem-solving
  • active listening and note-taking
  • researching, reading, and writing
  • studying and test-taking


Use the menu on the left to navigate through each episode. If you are accessing this page from off campus, you will need to sign in using your SacLink username and password before watching the first video (all other videos will then play without needing to sign in again).


This is a Cambridge Educational Production. 6-part series, 10-12 minutes each. All text taken from page descriptions on Films On Demand. As an alternative to watching the episodes here, access the Academic Success page via Films On Demand by clicking HERE.